Wrist Watch – Do I wear or not

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A friend asked me over a WhatsApp message, “Hey, do you think a watch is a must accessory? What if I am not a watch person?”

Well, it’s not only him. Most of us off late have started feeling, we are not watching people. We all have cell phone to check the time. And I ask myself, really? Glancing on the wristwatch is so much easier
then looking at the phone.

A wristwatch is not just a gadget but an enduring relationship between the watch and the wearer. It is not merely a time-machine going around your wrist; it is a subtle statement that you are.

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst” – the one reason we need a wristwatch. Having a wristwatch also makes us more aware and conscious about the time. Also, for men, who do not have a long list of accessories to be used, a wristwatch is a good option. One can’t flaunt tie,
pocket square, brooch, cufflinks etc. without appropriate occasion and dressing. A wristwatch is still something that is flaunted everywhere – from the beach to boardroom.

A wristwatch is not just a timepiece anymore. You get the best of the diamonds studded across the dial to gold plated straps to custom made watches. To start with let us focus on the few things to keep in mind if you were to invest in your first and basic timepiece:

  • Suit your lifestyle – if you are a student no need to go for highly professional looking watches. You can showcase your personality through a sporty watch with big dials or fibre straps and funky colours. However, for a professional, it would be wise to invest in a formal looking neat dial preferably with metal straps.
  • Suit your wrist – the watch is supposed to be worn on the wrist and not that the other way round. If you are petite and opt for those big chunky dials, they will instead make you look smaller and leaner than you are.
  • Suit your personal style – are you someone who has predominantly classic choices or are you someone who likes to experiment? If you are a classic stick to your regular models but if you like to experiment, try bigger bolder dials, brighter colours in the strap or maybe a combination of both
  • Suit the occasion – not all wrist watches are for all occasions. It is good to have separate watches if your lifestyle demands you to be at various places for different purposes. Women here have the luxury of flaunting a watch that is as good as a bracelet.

Your watches are an important part of your wardrobe. Take proper care of them so that you do not ruin them. If you are lucky to own more than 2 to 3 watches, make sure you keep wearing them turn by turn.

From a no watch person, I have now transformed into a proud owner of six wrist watches. It adds a lot to the professional image and also makes us more aware of the time. In fact now with the trend of apple watches, fitness gadgets being used as a wrist ornament, I think a watch is an easy accessory.

And guess what, my instant reply to the query was, “Yes Yes, please wear a watch”!

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