As an Image Consultant, I deal with the five elements of design and as a human being you and me, we all deal with the five senses. Whether it is about design or life; harmony comes when there is an alignment between these five elements or five senses. In this blog, I am expressing my ideas as to how can we bring about that harmony in the senses, categorically at the workplace.
You may be still working from home or you are going to the office, one thing you can do is make the best use of all five senses at your work desk. We as humans are blessed with five senses and when they are taken care of, it goes without saying that we are more focused, it becomes easy for us to work, our productivity increases and stress decreases.
This is a game-changer. When we want to appeal to the mental clarity why not address all five senses and be creative. This will save your time for family and friends. Let’s see how we can be aware of using these and be a little creative.

  1. Touch
    Let’s touch on this sense of touch. It is important. Comfort should be a non-negotiable here. Invest in a chair with a comfortable texture. It should feel like a hug. Also, look for the width that can accommodate your bottom. Not necessary to have the fanciest chair but something that takes care of ergonomics is more important. Remember you will be seated here for around eight hours. Also, see the tabletop that you have. That touch will matter since you will operate your computer/laptop, your stationery and a lot more from this surface. Check for the smoothness, the edges, the drawer handles (if any) if that is an irritant, it is going to play with your mental focus, at a very subtle level, and hence it will hamper in the long run.
  2. Sight
    Visuals are so important. More than ninety per cent of human communication happens visually and that happens between you and your work surroundings. There is no way we can take this one lightly. Lighting is so important here. Especially if you are working from the home office, which is a corner of the bedroom, the yellow lights are not going to help. Take a task light in bright white and see how it helps you focus. Have a neat and de-cluttered desk. Your brain decodes no clutter as clarity. Mantra is A place for everything and everything in its place. Use office organizers to keep things in place. What is fun without colour? It is equally stimulating to use the right colours to get the right mood set in for work. The best and the no brainer is to use your brand colour, if any and if the place permits. If your logo happens to be a bright colour, be cautious of using it. If your logo is a dull muted colour, don’t overuse and kill the energy of space. Use a little accent colour, just enough for that much-needed energy during long hours at work. You can use some wonderful fairy lights to lighten up space. For the walls, go light and neutral. You can also consider some stickers and quotes related to your nature of work. This will not only add colour but will bring in some much-needed motivation.
  3. Smell
    Scent can help to concentrate and can also be a major distraction. One of the best smells which are kind of easy on all and help you fight distraction is the citrus scent. Try lemon scent in a diffuser. This will just help you focus. Being an Image Management Consultant, I cannot move ahead without mentioning a word on your smell. The thumb rule is either smell good or does not smell at all. Take into consideration the demographics, the kind of work area, whether it has air conditioning or not and all of that. The air conditioner will hoard the smell for a longer time. Make sure you carry a mini pack of any deo/perfume. But, do not overdo that. People might just be allergic to strong smells.
  4. Taste
    Oh so important!! If you are a workaholic, if you are an entrepreneur or a self-professional, you would know it is not rare to miss on the lunches. Once you are done with the task; there is an instant hunger attack and you just grab anything around. Most of the times it happens to be chips, biscuits and similar unhealthy items. Hence it makes sense to have some healthy options like nuts, fruits, some homemade healthy non-fried snacks. Taste is an important factor and thinking of having some bland food all the time is never going to help. Add some taste since this sense also needs to be taken care of. The trick here is you can play upon the sight and scent when you deal with the taste. Food that looks good and smells good, in spite of not being loaded with oil and spices will considerably taste good. Create an ambience, lay your table, use some good cutlery put on some music and see how the food changes the taste. Give it a try 🙂
  5. Sound
    I did mention music in the last sentence, why? Because sound is undoubtedly one important sense that needs to be taken care of. At work, sound can be a major distraction. Colleagues talking over the phone, phone bell ringing, people talking around, the constant humming of the air conditioner or fan and whatnot. Work from home will have all the more varieties, noises from the kitchen, yelling kids and pets, doorbell, music (from neighbours too). Make sure you have a way to get rid of these all. Try some soothing and soft music in the background which will help you in concentration and focus. You can try some soft songs or instrumental, which is my personal favourite. Good music helps you relax and is important as well.

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