Why fit in when you are made to STAND OUT

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With the festive season around the corner who does not want to stand out. Meeting and socializing with friends, family and collagenous we all crave those eyeballs to rest on us. Of course, for the right reasons. And standing out is not just wearing the best brands, it is much more than that.

A few insights so you can ensure you stand-out

Be Appropriate

However basic it seems, it is the most important of all factors. The moment we miss on the appropriate factor we attract undue attention. Take care of the occasion, the venue, and the people who would be meeting you. Understand when to wear that fitted bodycon dress and when to wear a modest salwar-kameez/saree.    

Make Statement

Be unique. Be bold. Be proud. Also, be yourself. Often times in an attempt to make a statement we compromise on our authenticity. This is where we miss it. Make a statement but don’t overdo it. It is ok if you’re the only one wearing heels, or not wearing heels for that matter. Dare to be different and wear something that people will talk about for all the right reasons, be it a fiery red dress or flowing saree.


Either a dash of bold lip colour or that smokey eye; choose what you like. Right kind of make-up helps us become an all-time head turner. Healthy skin helps to flaunt makeup better. Make sure to invest time and energy in skincare as well.

(Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash)    

Choice of colour

The most prominent aspect of our personality is the colours we choose to wear. They instantly make or break the look. Choosing deeper and darker shades for festive seasons will definitely help to stand out. Do not forget to consider the skin colour when you choose the colours of an outfit.

Wear the right accessory

Best of the outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. The trick is to balance the two. With heavy and patterned outfits choose something that is simple. The heavy dangles and chunky pieces go better with the basic outfits with fewer details. 



Out of all, the ace card is confidence. Nobody can ever stand out without confidence. Carry yourself with confidence. It is no brainer when one is dressed well and groomed well, he/she naturally stands tall.   

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