Warm Up for Entrepreneur

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If you a player or an athlete warm-up makes sense, but is it needed for an entrepreneur? I may not have tall claims as an entrepreneur, but with whatever claims I have, I strongly believe, IT IS.

Let us understand this by comparison between two players playing the same game, in the same team. Hypothetically, they are supposed to hit the ground for practice at six in the morning.

Now one out of the two players reaches the ground at around five in the morning. He is busy with his warming up. He stretches himself, does his warm-up and prepares himself for the practice session at six with his team. He has enough time on hand and hence he is mentally relaxed. He has not built any stress that can steal his focus from the game. He is ready.

What is going on with the other player? Unlike the player one, this gentleman is late. Forget about reaching in time, he is not even started from home in time. There is a series of calls to inquire where he is and he gives a series of excuses (lie). His vehicle didn’t start, flat tyre, traffic, some emergency at five in the morning which can only happen with him and so on. He reaches late. He is feeling guilty. The team gives a cold look. Coach is not happy. He enters the game in between, completely unaware of the game strategy. He has no buddy for the game. He was in stress and now the stress has only increased.

Do I even need to tell you about the performance of player one and player two. Player two might just happen to be as skilled as player one, but there is no doubt, for this particular game; he will be just washed out. If his team wins, they will have a strong feeling for player two being useless since he came late and could not really contribute and if they lose, the credit for losing goes to player two for being late, either way, he is sure to be out of good books. Not only that, if he enters the game without warm-up, he is prone to injuries. This is going to be a major loss for him, a major personal loss.

Let us now compare, how this goes as an analogy with our topic. Just like player one and two we have two different types of entrepreneurs. Those like player one; are the ones who are in the field, in the market doing their job way ahead of the time. Schedule time for office maybe 9am or 10am, but this lot of entrepreneurs is never in time, they are much before time. They reach early and leave late. They believe in the concept of warm-up. They are up for practice. They understand the importance, they warm up so that injuries are less and hence easy to recover.

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What can be a good strategy for warm-up or an entrepreneur?

  1. Be aware of the scenario around

Often times they are just caught by surprise. Keep yourself abreast. It is not just the news that helps, you need to keep meeting people, join some professional networking groups and keep in touch with industry stalwarts, read newsletters and magazines related to your industry. All of these help. The only word of caution here is: keep the filter on. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. Be smart about what you consume and what you retain.

  1. Get the right company

This is not about good or bad, this is not the moral policing aspect. This is about the right company – the company of people who are like you. As an entrepreneur, the majority of your struggles are unimaginable for others. You need your tribe who can share your vibe. You need people who can understand and talk the same language as you do. So, make sure more than the good company you need the right company. Identify the difference between the two.

  1. Forget passion – embrace discipline

Yes, you read it right. This is a myth around the entrepreneurship. You may have a huge amount of passion but if you do not show enough discipline, the passion goes for a toss. Passion is a great kick-starter, but to keep going against all odds, it is the only discipline that works. Make a schedule of warm-up and stick to it. A simple habit of doing what is needed against doing what you like is the game-changer. That builds discipline.

  1. Balanced Mind-Body

A fruitful warm-up demands a balance between the mind and body. An entrepreneur is, unfortunately, someone who is proud of skipping meals, falling short of sleeping hours, has a strange feel good about being last on the list of priorities. This needs a mind shift. For an entrepreneur, energy is the most important resource. If your mind and body are not taken care of, not balanced, you will miss on this aspect. Include lots of water, healthy diet, good sleep, plenty of movement and some meditation for that balance. Benefits will be huge.

  1. Look at the game, not the scoreboard

Scoreboards are for spectators and not players. If you are an entrepreneur, focus on the game. Be in the field with undivided attention. The moment you look at the scoreboard, you will deviate. If you are leading, you might just get complacent, if you are lacking, it might just kill your morale. Any which way, glancing at the scoreboard is not going to help. Rather focus on the game and keep improving. Figure out where do you need to improve, where can you get better, how can you face challenges, what are the bottle necks, what ways can you fight this and get ahead.

Hope this helps in building your faith in warm-up in order to up your game. You may reach us at [email protected] for query, suggestions or any input on this subject.

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