Training Notes with The Money Coach

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Money has been the hallmark of success. Tons of books, articles, talks, services revolve around this. It is one of the most fundamental needs of life and yet something which is not addressed at the level of mindset. Most of the money talks are around the strategies about getting the maximum return on investment, which is definitely desired; however, adding the piece of mindset can increase our money flow many folds. 

We had an opportunity to interact with The Money Coach, Ms Kavita Dhamani who helps her clients work around the right mindset and have the right management for money. 


Kavita has a mission to transform people’s life and to empower people to take charge of their financial destiny. According to her, we grow up but we are still kids with money. Taking charge of financial destiny will include 1) How to save, invest, and manage money.  2) The mindset around money 


The most talked-about and the desired thing these days is probably this. The sweet-spot here lies somewhere between the mindset around money and the skill to manage money. Helping people in the right direction towards this is what motivates her to be on her mission. 


Rapid-fire came with strong learning for me. Putting conditions to giving hamper or not, Kavita very jokingly taught me not to be stingy with money. The more you give, the more you get. Her love to train people on this crucial aspect was so obvious from her answers. She looks up to Tony Robbins as her ideal. Putting empathy as the best trait as well as a habit for any educator was just enough to show her sensitivity about dealing with money. 


Kavita had some simple yet thought-provoking insights here. We have been carrying some invalid and negative mindset for money. Things like, “we need to work hard for money, money is evil” etc are ingrained deep in our minds. Just like we know what to do for good health but often times we don’t do that. A step ahead, with money we don’t even realize that these beliefs in the subconscious mind don’t even allow us to take some actions. That is where we miss the bus. 


How to manage money is a combination of skills and mindset. The rich across the globe definitely own both of these. According to Kavita, it is a good idea to hire a financial advisor but just like if you don’t know the basics of cooking, your cook might just take you for a ride, similarly without enough understanding of money management and finances, you may not be able to make the best of your financial advisor. Start managing whatever money you have, and make its system with your entire financial management. Be totally aware of your numbers and track them regularly, without being emotional about it. 

One of the biggest take-ups away was instead of looking at income start looking at the surplus. Even if your income is low but you have a surplus, you are in a good position. Not being frugal but being aware of the inflow and outflow. Earning in lacs and still awaiting the next payment is certainly not the best way to manage the finances. 


This was a holistic piece that combined the mindset and management making it a brilliant takeaway for all. Have a dream about financial freedom. It is possible and to achieve that, treat your mindset as a foundation, the rock bed. 

On that foundation, you have four pillars:

  • Save your money
  • Protect your money
  • Multiply your money
  • Develop multiple income sources 

You need a strong base and equally needed is growing pillars. Focusing on both is what changes the money game. 


Kavita sees a deep co-relationship between image and money. Self-image is crucial to your finances. How you see yourself, think of yourself, what you think of yourself and what you think you are worthy of – is directly reflected in your financial results. Mindset around money and self-image go hand in hand. Lack of self-worth is also a major reason. We try to catch up on that lack by splurging money. We tend to go overboard and fail to manage our money. 


While we all follow the ageless timeless theories and books on money management Kavita had an insight into this as well. When you think of money; mindset is universal and timeless but the strategies will work depending upon the environment, economic situation, interest rates etc. Learn to question yourself or/and your advisor, “if it will work for you in the current situation?” Be mindful of strategizes and do not shy away from seeking help. 


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