Who doesn’t have a burning desire for a thing or two? We all have that list of things, possessions, people we want in our life. While it is our hard work, dedication and focus that gets us what we want, one way to accelerate this is using the powerful Law of attraction (LOA) 

They say it is just another law of life, another law of nature. Just like the law of gravity. You may choose to believe it, you may choose to not believe it, however; the law works. Nobody flies when they jump off the tenth floor, do they? Law of gravity works, irrespective of the fact whether you accept it or not. 

Similarly LOA works. So why not understand and use it to our best benefit. Thinking on the same lines, we invited Magical Manjula for the Training Notes, to throw some light on the LOA. A person with more than 8000 clientele and having worked across the globe was just right to interact with. The summary of our live interview is what you will read further. 


Rapid-fire was a fun round with Manjula. It also gave us a bit of insight into Manjula’s thinking and values. She believes to be a “friend by side” while she coaches her client. One of her ideas from the training field happens to be none other than Vishen Lakhiani. According to her, “Connection with people” is one major trait for trainer/coaches to have. And one good habit for any trainer or coach to develop is, “Be Optimistic”


Manjula was quick and equally clear in explaining the LOA so that it does not carry any haziness around it. According to her, LOA simply put is, “What you think, feel and believe you bring that in your life”. Unlike how many assume that LOA is just about thinking for a certain thing, it is about positive thinking.  Manjula clarified it is also the way you feel for that thing. This feeling adds power to it. If you think of money, just observe: do you feel scared of money or you feel good about money, does money sound evil to you, what you believe and what you do with your money; all of these decides how the LOA works with you when it comes to money. 


I always had this curiosity if LOA would attract just things or would it help attract people as well. Manjula said it attracts people as well. Voila!! LOA also resonates with the concept of getting what you give. You smile at someone and the simplest thing is to get a smile back. You think positive – you attract positive vibe people. You think negative – you attract negative vibe people. She said, if we are not particularly happy about the people around us, the best thing is to look inside. What is wrong inside of me that is attracting the wrong kind of people? 


Like most things in nature, LOA also has a process. Manjula follows Abraham Hicks for LOA. She also follows Dr Joe for neuroscience. This combination of LOA with science is the trick that makes Manjula Magical about getting the desired results for her clients. This makes it easy for her to help her clients change their habits with help of neuroscience, eventually getting desired results. 


3 tips for using LOA that Manjula shared:

  1. Daily success recognition. Learn to accept appreciation. Instead of focusing on challenges we need to focus on good things. What you feed it only grows. 
  2. Feel good focus list. Your school marks, your lovely kid, your good job can be anything that gives you a feel good. In downtimes, instantly change your mind by focusing on this feel-good list. 
  3. Gratitude. Count your blessings. Be grateful for something as simple as clean air to breathe. More gratitude you have – more you receive. The more you complain, the more problems you see. Gratitude creates magic. 


Manjula had some great views on the co-relation between Image Management and LOA. According to her understanding, Image Management is about boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Whereas, LOA teaches about positivity, positive thinking, feel good which is an undercurrent of Image management. To which my thinking was if your thinking and feeling can get influenced by the dressing and grooming; I am sure a little tweak in dressing and grooming can be a catalyst in feeling and thinking in a particular way which will help the process of LOA. Change the way you dress and groom, and your life can change!! No matter how you look, just believe you are beautiful!!


Gratitude and positivity is something that helped Lousie Hay to overcome her cancer in six months. Great Einstein would practice gratitude for hundred times a day. Once a patient of depression; gratitude has helped Manjula be magical and be a coach in this field. 

We at Mega Image Consulting have rolled out a pledge, an Image Pledge on Valentine’s Day. Let us all out of the love and respect for ourselves take the pledge: 

“Dress the way you want to be Addressed”