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“Leadership in its purest form is the capacity to translate vision to reality” This is one of the most common thoughts about leadership on Google. However, the guest for this live, Mr Naren Majithia is an expert who has implemented this leadership thought with more than 250 companies across Gujarat. He is the proud licensee for Leadership Management International for Baroda, Ahmedabad and Saurasthtra. 

He says two of his major strength is:

 1) Understanding the business environment 

 2) Being able to relate with people


He works with this USA based company, Leadership Management International. It operates in 85 countries and is delivered in 26 different languages. According to Mr Majithia, these programs are not just transactional programs like a one or two-day training session. They go on for a couple of months or more depending upon the need of the company.  And, these programs are essentially based on the action because knowledge is power only when implanted. This was the open secret he spilt why people and organizations get marvellous results from LMI programs. 


Mr Majithia was crisp on quoting, transformation is an internal process. He says as a trainer/coach the first thing is to make the learner/coachee introspect. The major focus here is to identify what they need to change in order to achieve the desired results. Once the learner identifies the gap to be plugged, he helps them to convert this idea of change into action steps. 

People do know what is good and bad but are not able to figure out the way. It needs an action plan. These actions are continued week after week and due to the weekly follow up, they get cemented. According to him, any training session holds 80% to the follow-up, 10% to delivery and another 10% to preparation.

He was quick to add that the magic lies in writing down. His learners jot down the plans, action steps, result, and all such minute details to ensure that they are on track to achieve the results. 


The highlight of rapid-fire was to hear a local trainer as his ideal trainer, where people mostly have big international names coming out. His colleague, Mr Anand Naidu happens to be the one who inspires him. According to him, an educator needs humility as one non-negotiable trait to be successful. Coming from him after having trained and got results for more than 250+ companies across Gujarat, this answer meant a lot. His advice for being a better trainer was – “taking interest in the person you are developing.”  That was a huge insight to incorporate. 


The changes that one needs to bring about require to be connected to the bigger goals, according to him. The focus goal needs to be identified and has to be owned. He further helps to stretch the goals and the weekly follow up helps to be on track and measure the success achieved in every single step. He also helps to divert towards the important and result-oriented activities which help to measure the time saved, which I think is the biggest gain. 

The focus remains on the participant and not on others, hence the blame game of focusing on what others are not doing reduces and the productivity goes high. The answers are within, which according to him just needs to be surfaced with enough focus on self. 


  • The mind works by focusing on activities and this takes up a lot of energy 
  •  Automatic activities like doing shoelace, shower, brushing teeth needs no extra energy
  • By inculcating habits and rituals one can start doing it without depleting energy
  • Eventually, it improves over time
  • Start small and keep going in terms of developing a habit 
  • Do it for 5 minutes but do it daily, make it easy to do in order to sustain 
  • Avoid multitasking, celebrate focus!!


The moment the word self-image came in and I just said it had a question triggered in my mind; he was quick to gauge the question. He thinks both these concepts not only overlap but also reinforce each other. According to him, his work is all internal and image management is largely external. Both these domains eventually focus on a strong feel good, whether with working on the persona or performance. They lead to a common goal and that is a strong “feel good”. I often say this, If you feel good, you do good!!


He highly recommends the book, “Growth Mindset” by Carol Dweck, for anyone who wants to work on their personal development. Even adults generate new neurons and can learn and grow at any age. 


His billboard message says: “Be grateful for what you have in your life, do not crib about what you do not have” 

We at Mega Image Consulting have rolled out a pledge, an Image Pledge on Valentine’s Day. Let us all out of the love and respect for ourselves take the pledge: 

“Dress the way you want to be Addressed”

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