Training Notes with Energy Coach

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We have heard and experienced various training topics from different domains. One of the less heard and lesser experienced is energy mastery. It is an art of balancing our energy so that we live a holistic and hence happier life. Most of us are mindful of our resources like time, money, property, etc. but how many of us are being mindful of our highest resource – our energy? Definitely, a probing question that we need to a sleepover.

Our guest for this episode of Training Notes was an Energy Mastery Coach, Ms Tanushree Nair. Following is a summary of our conversation. 


Being an Energy Coach was definitely not something that fell in her lap. She started as an IT professional with one of the IT firms in Bangalore. She kept climbing the so-called corporate ladder with accolades. The brake this flawless career progression was the lovely occasion when she was blessed with a baby boy. Without even finishing her maternity life she found herself in the same rut, but now with the added responsibility. She was now running between the home office and the baby’s daycare. Heart-wrenching experiences kept hurting her deeper each time while she had to leave her child at the daycare while he is crying and pick up only to know how less he eats. 

Finally, she gave up the rat race and got into her entrepreneurial journey. She got into the denim up-cycle and this cycle was soon interrupted by her second pregnancy. Now she took a conscious break because she wanted to compensate for the lost moments of growing up with her child. While basking in the glory of motherhood, she also got into soul searching.

While she was just putting in her energy to set the jigsaw puzzle right, she was blessed with a mentor who just magically turned the game. From being a reader Tanushree ended up being an author with the encouragement and guidelines of the coach. 

This is where she embarked on her journey as an energy mastery coach. A person who brings the alignment in the feminine and masculine energies we all carry.


Rapid-fire was an energy-packed session with her. I could kind of gauge her answers based on the interaction till rapid-fire and also knowing her a bit. Her urge to connect with people, being thrown in the open and be at freewill – of course within the perimeter – was so evident in her answers. She took a pause and with a rolled eye pointed out consistency as the single most important trait of a coach. Listening according to her is one habit that a coach needs to integrate within themselves. This ensures a person to be a better coach/trainer.


Her journey started with the introspection – the burning question – What do I really want? What next after all these? What is it that moves her heart? She was directed to author a book by her coach, which she says, was not even her wildest dream. She agreed to give it a shot thinking that maybe she will just write it and let her sit on the laptop, no need to publish. She was sure of the title for weeks ahead, but for the content, she was blank. One fine day it was just divine intervention, according to Tanushree that she was blessed with a few ideas and that ended up becoming the skeleton of the book. Here for the first time, she came across as having words like masculine and feminine energy. She then went to Google in order to find the meaning of this new terminology. This is how she got into the field of energy mastery. 

She has eventually designed her own module around this named Inner Shakti Blueprint – 


  • Love yourself
  • Be vulnerable 
  • Do not chase perfection


This undoubtedly came out as one of the most interesting sections for me. She believes everything is connected and nothing exists as a single unit. She was wise to understand that image management is not about faking with make-up and clothes, but it is about being authentic. She helps in inside out transformation. It is a process of knowing yourself and accepting yourself. This self-awareness gets glorified in image management. 


The comeback of women is the talk of the town. But this still needs a lot of attention. Mindset according to Tanushree is the major issue to be addressed. Women are shy at projecting themselves powerfully. They doubt themselves and this refrains them from being noticed. Women need a place to validate and that’s where she strongly recommends a coach/mentor. 

Some good read on the subject of feminine energy suggested by her 1) Bring out that Red Lipstick 2) The Shakti Leadership 


Tanushree says: “Look Within”

We at Mega Image Consulting have rolled out a pledge, an Image Pledge on Valentine’s Day. Let us all out of the love and respect for ourselves take the pledge: 

“Dress the way you want to be Addressed”

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