Training Notes with Chief Smile Officer

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The purpose of life is to be happy!! And I bet most of us have forgotten this basic thing. The first striking thing the guest had to say was, it just matters if we are able to laugh or not; are people on this show able to smile or not during these 30 to 45 minutes of conversation. He was not keen on his introduction, but I was and I am surely keen on his introduction. He says he is the CSO, ie. Chief Smile Officer ☺ and he works predominantly with children. However, he does not ignore the adults. This care and concern for people made him do 400 videos during the lockdown period. These were impromptu videos with a pure intent to boost people around and make them feel good. He is Mr Sunny Nagpal

Having worked with Ms Kiran Bedi for her Navjyoti India Foundation for several years he has reinforced the thought of helping people and spreading happiness. His conversation kind of reminded me of old age saying – Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy. 



The Trademark answer he gave was because I cannot do anything else, I do what I do. It was during his 7 golden years at Navjyoti he learnt from Ms Bedi that giving is life. He at a young age before Navjyoti happened had similar dreams and aspirations like any other young lad. But this experience entirely changed his life. Also, his personality is something that suits being in the kind of work he does. 


He asked the same question to Ms Bedi and she answered, “Sitting in front of you and laughing” He said he has learnt this lesson of balance, again from Ms Bedi that it is good not to get on the peak of happiness or fall into the valley of sorrow. It is all about being on the planes of bliss. Early Leadership Model at Navjyoti was one of the highest high he had apart from kids from the slums working at good places worldwide.


He was absolutely candid in telling me he likes smaller groups against large crowds and adding, that is what I have done till now. Being candid and confident in one’s skin was a major thing during rapid fire. He credits his grooming to Ms Neetu Sharma, his immediate boss at Navjyoti India Foundation for who is today, also Mr Suren for his NLP, above all he mentions Ms Kiran Bedi as one of his ideal educators. Sunny put a lot of emphasis on love for training, love for participants and love for knowledge for any educator to move ahead and be successful. Volunteering according to Sunny is one habit that can make any educator better. Oprah Winfrey was the example he quoted. 



We had a bit of to and fro on this. He says image management is life-changing since it enables more confidence and feels good. Outer makeup and inner makeup, inner spa and outer spa is how he relates brain profiling and image management. He added, dress well and feel happy. Anytime you are low or not feeling so good, it will help to feel good and pep up if you learn to dress up. 


One striking thing he did during the lockdown was creating 400 videos. Thanks to his newly acquired cell phone that he was motivated to start this series of videos. His idea was if the virus can spread why not positivity. He used most unthinkable things like salt, pickle, spatula etc as his props for the video. A highlight is his video has no edit. He gave a quick demo showing the plug – “enough charging for cell phones, charge yourself”. He never felt short of the props. 


He firmly believes and reiterates the thought of Tony Robbins, “Being successful and not happy is being empty” Right man at the right place is crucial according to him. And he added each person carries a default personality and picking your work in alignment with your inborn personality assures both, success and happiness. Strive for excellence with fulfilment is the key. 

“Know self, Love self, Celebrate self” – this is his book on brain profiling. He says it is a 100-page easy read for lazy readers. Decoding Joyful Living – is another book that is in Q and A format. 

“Stop teaching, start transforming” was the thought he left us with. If a mortal and finite mother of maybe 5 feet can care immensely for her child, imagine what the infinite and immortal God can do for us. Never lose heart, never be sad and have unshakable faith in Almighty. 


“Look Happy, Be Happy. Keep smiling in spite of everything” was his clear cut billboard message. 

We at Mega Image Consulting have rolled out a pledge, an Image Pledge on Valentine’s Day. Let us all out of the love and respect for ourselves take the pledge: 

“Dress the way you want to be Addressed”

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