The New Currency – 2

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How have you been able to manage the treasure of 86400? Was there any way that you could implement the three ideas we discussed in our last blog? To quickly revise, we talked about; a) good sleep for having that razor focus and not getting into the trap of fatigue b) the aspect of the move and meditate, move the body and get your mind calm. This is something that we have unfortunately reversed in the order c) eating healthy. We have forgotten our healthy and fresh food, maybe the ease and addictive taste of the junk food has taken over, however, it’s killing our ability to work at our best and make the use of our 86400 seconds.

Coming to the next two tips, they are more technical. Again, the more you implement the previous three easier it will be to make the best use of these two. So let’s dive into them:


So, this one sounds familiar!! Also, to a lot of us, this one sounds a task by itself. In fact, it is the other way round. Things become easy, manageable and more than that it increases efficiency. We often delay things thinking it will take time, maybe you are not comfortable doing it, maybe you do not enjoy doing it and this leads to a disorganized pattern, resulting in the delay. The unobvious thing here is the organization in our thoughts. We hardly realize but it is unorganized thoughts that get us into unorganized life. We have our systems, processes, and work desk etc., organized but without organized thoughts it is not optimized. Organizing thoughts is
like building a muscle, takes time but worth it.

One powerful idea is to jot down every single idea. I am a pen and paper person (do use Keep notes at times) and this has helped me big time. Understand the brain as your memory on the computer. The more you store, the more it hangs. Free up space, that’s the key. Put things on paper and not in the brain. Journal your feelings, if you have
emotional debris being accumulated. Talk to someone but free up space. Use technology. Do whatever suits you but make sure that your brain is free and it will be more organized. Eventually will lead to more organization in life and hence the best use of your new currency, 86400!!


The only way to earn more than 86400 per day is to delegate. That is the secret to growth. Ironically one of the toughest task too. Easier said than done. Yes, we hear stories from Bill Gates to our gatekeeper; how difficult it is to delegate. Somewhere we need to realize, lack of delegation is putting extra pressure on us. It is causing burnout. We are so worried about the deadlines, about the quality of work, about the task done efficiently and end up being sceptical to delegate. Delegation requires you to be organized and focused, be totally prepared and aware of task on hand so you can delegate. You need to surround yourself with people who are not just good, but also right for your kind of work. Consider the experience, expertise, passion for the task before you consider delegating. A task that needs precision is not supposed to be delegated to a creative soul. Look at their personalities if the task demands one particular attribute

You need to have clarity on what can you delegate and why would you delegate that. The expectations need to be clear not only with you but the person whom you delegate. Here your communication being assertive is immensely helpful. No ambiguity, no beating around the bush. It has to be crystal clear. Defined outcomes and deadlines will help here. Remember, you are trying to add to 86400; it should not happen that you end up investing extra from your quota of 86400. Identify the right candidate. The biggest mistake is not to follow up on the task. You delegated the task so keep the ownership of the task. Keeping in mind these few pointers will make your delegation fruitful.

So use these fabulous five tips to make the best of your 86400 and you will experience how this new currency makes you wealthier, even in the recession or lockdown times. Hope this added value 🙂

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