21st century has a new currency. Yes, it’s the new way to trade. It is not the dollar, the pound or the dirham. Recession may get this currency up or down however the new currency is what remains constant. The most attractive fact is that the new currency is the same for all of us. There is no fluctuation or one going higher than the other.

Well, I am talking about the famous figure of 86400!! Yes, I am talking about the new currency that is nothing but the TIME. By the way, 86400 is nothing but the total seconds you get in a day – in 24 hours. That’s the trade secret of the new era. If you know how to invest and make most of this currency, there is no doubt that the rest of the currencies, whatever it may be, will be taken care of, quite automatically.

We all have been bombarded with enough knowledge on so-called time management by our seniors, our parents, our friends, qualified trainers and authors. Even the ones who waste their time as a free resource would also have some so-called time management tips. As a disclaimer; you may find what I have written as a repetition. However, this comes not from the book but from life experiences. I have categorically listed those tips and tricks and hacks; whatever you may call, only from my own experience.

If you are anybody like me who wants to do a lot but is also bit lazy (couch is more welcoming than a cycle). Who loves making to-do lists but are often copy-pasted as it is for the next day (with a heavy heart). Who thinks that if my morning didn’t go as I planned, my entire day is gone to dogs (I was a strong believer of this). Who thinks that getting up early is the only way to manage time (I am naturally an early riser, but I use to beat myself up if I got late even for health reasons). If you resonate with any of the above statements, continue to read. You will surely find something for yourself.

So let me extract the juice of all the learning I have had, all training and books I have read and all of what my mentors have taught me in order to manage the magical number of 86400!

Sleep Well

Yes, this comes before much popular early rising tip for time management. A good sleep ensures an energetic day. When you are sleep deprived, you will be defocused, things will be all hazy. No clarity means clutter. When there is clutter in mind, there are mistakes in the decision, there is the longer time consumed in activities, there is no precision in whatsoever you do. Make sure you take enough sleep. There are people who can do in five-hour sleep and there are people who need nine hours of sleep. Figure out how much sleep do you need and sleep that much with zero guilt. However, make sure your laziness is not taking over here. It might just happen to you because it did happen to me. Sound sleep is a blessing that helps you get up fresh and energized.

Move & Meditate

Sounds cheesy!! Well, it may but this is fundamental that can never ever fail. The human body needs some movement because it was designed to move. Period. There has to be some kind of physical activity. Suit yourself to choose hardcore gym or yoga. Maybe walking or cycling. Maybe put on the early morning TV shows and follow them or select something from YouTube, the bottom line is MOVE your body. As much as the body needs to move, the mind needs to stabilize. Move your body and make your mind meditate. This is one great thing that has helped me big time. As accepted earlier, I am lazy. Any form of exercise is not enjoyable but I have managed to move a little. This has helped me feel lighter, physically and mentally. Life style getting more and more sedentary, there has to be a conscious effort to move the body. Also, with the internet takeover, it is a dire need now to quite the mind for some time, maybe as little as twenty minutes if not more. Meditation is not as complex or as difficult as we assume it to be. If not the heavy stuff of meditation, sit in a quiet place and count your breath, at least fifty counts. You get distracted, start from the start. This will help to calm your mind and increase your focus

Eat Healthy

You are what you eat. Heavy meals, inappropriate timings, too much of packaged food, too much of caffeine/alcohol, fried food, binging on sweets and chips all of these are going to kill your ability to make the best of those 86400 seconds. This might sound an old story or a known fact but anything that has a direct impact on your physical body which is your vehicle cannot be ignored. I once was given this example by a mentor if I would agree to use kerosene instead of petrol/diesel in my vehicle. I smiled thinking the question is not worthy of an answer. Little did I realize it will relate to the food I eat? I would definitely not like to dump food in my stomach the way kerosene is dumped in a vehicle. Be mindful of what you are eating. Fresh is the word here.

We still have two more ideas to go, a) delegate and b) organize which will be our next blog. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts on the ideas discussed or something else that you can think of related to this. In case of query do get in touch at mv@megaimageconsulting.com wish you make the best of 86400 you have.

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