The best pair of glasses for YOU

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Precisely for your face!! I have never had a choice to love or hate glasses. I had to wear my prescription glasses since I was in grade 2 or probably 3, not sure, too long for me to recall that. As a kid, I remember how difficult it was for my parents to source a pair of glasses for me in case I lose it or break it. Glasses for kids were difficult to buy. I never had the luxury to choose my glasses as a kid. However, now I see its one of the fashion accessories and I am not surprised at people owning as many as 3 to 7 options in their glasses (including me). We have lots and lots of options in terms of colours, pattern, material, style, durability and so on.

More choices = More confusion 🙂

This should ideally help you figure out the right kind of pair of glasses that suits you. Glasses look smart; it’s just about finding the right pair. And, surprisingly it’s not only the face shape that decides which glasses suit you. Let’s dive in to know more.

  • Face Shape
    Hit the internet and you will find endless material to figure out the face shape. Well, we will keep it simple. Have a look at your face in general. Is it more rounded or more angular? Take opinions if you are not sure. The trick is to contrast the face shape with glasses. So for the rounder faces, look for angularity in your glasses and for angular faces, look for roundness in your glasses. An important pointer here is, regardless of face shape, the width of the glasses. Make sure it ends at the widest part of your cheekbone. Having your eyes in the middle of the frame is being in proportion and hence most flattering.

  • Skin Complexion
    Surprised!! Well, it does play an important role. Now don’t worry we will not dig deep into complex colour theories. Keeping it simple just like before, the bottom line is to have good contrast. A darker tortoiseshell frame will be better for lighter skin and a lighter tortoiseshell will be better for medium to darker skin. Similarly, warmer skin will carry golden frames better and cooler skin will carry the silver frames better.
  • Your Style
    Who says glasses are all about shapes and colour?? It reflects your personal style. Glasses have their own details which define the styles. No two frames are identical, though all of them are similar. The detailing can be found in the design and structure of the bridge, the nose pin, the temple, the earpiece there is a lot that goes into the design. Use of different colours, different patterns, and sizes make all the difference. A classic rimless to a dramatic oversized red; you have all the options to choose from.

Apart from the above pointers, you want to make sure to take care of the appropriateness while you decide on glasses – keeping in mind your lifestyle. Your work environment, the weather, and kind of people you deal with. For a teacher with kindergarten probably a rimless will not be a good idea, even if that is a personal style choice. A lot of times people into sales and marketing who move out a lot in heat are not comfortable wearing the metal frames. A tortoiseshell frame is definitely a better choice for them. Similarly for a corporate employee something in bold colour and size is not work appropriate. Strike the balance between them. You can also have separate pairs for different occasions. In my daily life, I do wear a deep red tortoiseshell medium size rounded rectangle but for my serious work occasions I have a rimless; however, the earpiece is red where my personal style is taken care of without compromising the appropriateness factor.

Next time you go out to buy that pair of glasses for yourself, think of these pointers. Also let’s agree, rules are made to be broken. It can be possible that you pick up something against the above pointers and yet that looks fabulous on you. Just go ahead and enjoy!!

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