Suit shouts business. It means no nonsense. It is a crisp wear that calls for some sincere consideration before donning it. Let’s see a few pointers.

  • To start with one dark business suit is a good idea. Unless you are getting it for one of the evening/dressy occasions. Dark colours scream power, authority. Also, teaming up a dark suit with a light coloured shirt and a bright coloured tie will call for attention. Black Pinstripe, charcoal, navy are some good choice for an Indian male.

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  • The second suit can definitely be a something in a lighter colour or plaids. However, keep in mind your own personality, your roles, your body silhouette and size and your best colours before experimenting

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  • Not everything suits with a suit. A formal suit would demand a dress shirt. A crisp white shirt is a no-brainer with a business suit. One may experiment with lighter colours like light blue, pink, mint, peach as long as you have a personality to carry it and a place to wear it.

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  • As a word of caution avoids the button down collar shirts with a suit. They are brilliant shirts with an eye catchy detail but certainly not with a suit. Look for a serious business message, not playfulness.
  • Suit calls for oxfords. A nice pair of leather shoes goes hand in hand with a suit. Spit and polish, if you must but suit demands a nice polished shoe with a pair of socks that matches the trouser colour.

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  • Be consistent with your choice of metal. Either gold or silver. Don’t mix it up. You may look for a different texture of polish to add some flavour. Your watch, pen, belt buckle, tie pin, cufflinks, finger-rings should all ideally be the same metal family.

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  • Button or unbutton? An eternal confusion. Well, simple rule to go by is, keep it buttoned all the time except when you sit.


  • A bright tie and a pocket square is something that adds your personal touch to the otherwise predictable suit. Do not shy away from trying colours.


  • A suit is fitted. In fact well fitted. Of all everything, if it was one thing to take care of, it is the fit. Remember always, a suit is a tailored garment. The fit is what differentiates a good suit from not a good suit.


A pinch of ease is necessary and a sag is not good to look at. Wear a fitted suit or do not wear.

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