One of the easiest ways to feel that adrenaline rush is to break the rule. Let’s discuss some fashion rules that can be ABSOLUTELY broken and will be fun to do so. To set the context right, let us also agree that one needs to understand the subject like a pro so that the rules can be broken like an artist. Fashion is all about having fun as long as you don’t do a thing that is sore to eyes.

Rule 1. Don’t mix Black and Brown and/or Navy and Black
Often they are tricky to the team since they look quite similar. But, this is a rule to be broken. These colours when teamed well look brilliant. When pairing brown with black; look for lighter browns to go with the deep black. A cognac brown or a light tan is anytime better than a dark brown to go with the black. The contrast takes care and makes it more interesting and eye-catching. Same goes while pairing navy with black. Here since the colours are close to each other it might be difficult to create that contrast. Play with the texture to add that interest. A navy silk blouse would work wonders with a black trouser. Similarly, a navy blazer can go very well with a black trouser and a navy striped tee. Try different combinations and you will hit the sweet spot.

Rule 2. Don’t mix metals
Please do. And, thankfully some of us have started doing it. Isn’t this supposed to be the most practical thing to do, to mix the metals; to wear the gold and the silver together? The trick is to make it look purposeful and ensure it does not clash. Often our regular jewellery is either gold and/or platinum (silver look alike) which might just clash with the rest of the hardware. A good idea here will be to use a piece of jewellery that has both the metals; the gold and the silver. This helps to bring in unity. Now, this can be your wristwatch too. Remember Rolex, the brand that started using both the metals; gold and silver together.

Rule 3. Don’t wear White on White
Now, this can be one of the most Chic-Outfits one can think of. Wearing white with a white. This is an absolute die for during the hot and humid summers. White on white works well when you know which is your white. Once you figure out the right kind of white; the warm or the cool, pure white or a bit toned white, that is when you get the exact white that you should pick. Again, play with texture for added interest. Throw some nice jewellery and white on white is good to go.

Rule 4. Don’t mix patterns
Seriously!! Is there a fun bigger than mixing pattern with a pattern; I doubt if any. The probable reason we avoid this is ignorance of HOW to do it. There is a simple rule to follow so that we can break this rule of not wearing a pattern with a pattern. Stick to same colour palette when choosing two different patterns to the club. Too many colours can create chaos, while the patterns are doing the play. Another easy way to do that is to stick to a similar kind of scale while mixing patterns. Mix small pattern with small pattern. This will be an easy start. Once you are comfortable with this, you can then play with different scales of patterns as well.

Bend the rule; break the rule as long as you can take care of the harmony in an overall look that you curate. Hope this helps.

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