Rich Colours for Work Wear

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One of my regular posts for social media said:

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To this a curious mind had a query: “Could you please share details of rich colours”?
Well, here it goes.

Let’s first get clarity of what exactly is rich colours. Anything which is in abundance is what we see as rich. When it comes to colours, rich colours are the colours that have pigment in abundance. Few of them would be Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Gold, Sapphire Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, Chartreuse, Tangerine, and Amethyst apart from the regular Black, Navy, Tan and Darker Grey. These are dark colours and have some sheen/shine to it which lends the richness to the colours.

Since these colours are deep and rich we associate them with authority. Anyone donning these colours will always grab the attention and hold attention for a longer duration of time. The richness of the colour adds to the aura of an individual and helps to project better authority.

These are a great choice for people in leadership positions and those who are influencers. Colours we choose to wear create an impact and are also a great source of non-verbal communication. A lot is established before you speak just by portraying the right colours. However, one needs to be cautious when using them. Anything in access is poison and more so with the rich colours which are strong and attention-grabbing. Make sure you balance them out with the neutrals. The neutrals will help to mellow down to the overall look and still give you the needed authority. Some good options of neutrals to mellow down the rich colours can be beige, off white, pink, mint, sky blue, and lavender.

Another thing to keep in mind is the quantity of the rich colours to be incorporated in the outfit. This depends on the role you play, the people you deal with, the segment of work involved, the occasion and such other factors. Going overboard with rich colours can overwhelm the viewer. A scarf or a tie is much more welcome than an entire suit in those rich deep colours.

If you are new to the world of colour, these colours might even overwhelm you. One trick to use these colours is using them in accessories or make up for females. Use them in a small amount and gradually get comfortable. Having a focal point in rich colour serves the purpose. Your discomfort with these colours should not be evident. A cufflink or a lapel pin would be an easy start to experiment with those bold colours.

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