SHOPPING. It can be fun. It can be frustrating as well. Often we end up getting things we need, sometimes what we want and once in a while we also buy things which we neither need nor want. Getting swayed away is probably the synonym with shopping. One needs to be alert not to stack up unnecessary stuff getting carried away by the festive season or the disco\nunt offers.

  • Prepare a shopping list
Yes, agreed shopping is not math but still it needs to have a list. At least the smart shopping needs to have the list. List down all your often used, often needed favourite items. Now list down the items you need to buy. This will help you focus only on the things that you need to buy. You will save yourself from the 15th denim that you might end up buying just because it is on sale!!
For the tech-friendly people you may just want to take pictures instead of listing them. 

  • Go dressed
It is not a celebration that you would want to deck up, but you still need to dress up with a decent hairdo and your basic makeup. After all, the way you would be dressed is the way you would be addressed. The clothes that you buy would not really look good on you if you don’t look good. Also, don’t forget to carry a hairbrush and your best lipgloss. Wearing heels might not be a great idea, the smart flat shoes will allow the freedom to walk around with comfort. If you are shopping, you are also going to try all of them, before you buy. Look for shoes and clothes that are easy to put on and take off easily. Avoid anything that is cumbersome.

  • Beware of Sale
Who doesn’t love a sale, we all do. Well, I use to love the sale a lot, but not much anymore. Most of the times I have fooled myself by buying something not really needed just because it was on sale. It didn’t take long to realize that it was a waste of the money in buying unnecessary things which most of us feel is saving of money. As a rule, if you won’t buy any item at full price, whether for need, want, colour, fit, style whatever, you won’t buy it on the sale. Look for some basics or classic piece of clothing like a black trouser/skirt or a white/blue shirt, black/nude pumps, a black/tan structured bag, a pearl neckpiece or your nude lipstick which you wear very often. They make for a great saving.

  • Click when confused
You loved the piece, tried it and still confused whether to buy or not? A practical easy solution lies in your hand, on your smartphone. Click yourself and check it out. Take a pic of yourself, and you will have a better idea of it. At times what we can’t see or figure out in the mirror is what we can see out figure out in the mirror. Mirror talks to you differently than the picture talks to you. A picture will give you a more realistic view than a mirror. There are hang-ups of looking at yourself in the mirror, not with the picture. You may want to delete a few of them just to escape the embarrassment.
  • Shopping Sisters
Few of us can’t go shopping alone. We need company. It is a good idea as long as your shopping sister does not get distracted from the core items to be shopped. Having a shopping list is a great help when shopping with others since they are aware of what is on the list to buy. Take friends who understand your choices, your needs, and your budget as well. At times going in a gang for shopping can just shoot up your budget and it is often late by the time you realise that. Also, you might get carried away and end up buying something which you don’t need.
  • Do some survey before shopping
How about spending some time online, in comfort of home before you actually go out to the shop. This might just help you save your valuable time and energy in hunting for the things you need. Figure out which stores have the stuff you need. Check out their timings, maybe you can call and inquire if they have it in stock, check out if they offer any discounts.

  • When to shop
It will be a good idea to avoid weekends when shopping at a mall or a superstore. Noon hours on a working day, ideally somewhere in the midweek would be a great day. For footwear anytime that is early evening is said to be the best time to shop. Make sure you are not hungry while you shop. Psychological studies state that a hungry stomach makes you buy more and impulse. Munch something before you hit the floor. One, you would not splurge, two you will be energetic enough to move around

Quick Tip

Don’t get carried away by the music or the ambience of the store. They are designed so that you get swayed away. Maintain your cool and buy what you need, not what you want.

Have fun shopping and, you’ll have a closet filled with only things you LOVE!

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