Preparation is the final key to dreams!!!

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Preparation is the final key to success. Who doesn’t dream, we all do. But how many of us see our dreams coming true. Unfortunately, not many of us see our dreams coming true.

Why is it so?
It is not due to lack of competency, lack of clarity, lack of resources. It is just one major reason that we are not fully prepared. We have not practised enough so that when we have an opportunity we can grab it. Ask and you shall receive, that is the eternal truth. We are great at asking but weak in receiving, weak as in – not prepared, not ready. And hence when blessed with the opportunity, we fail to grab it, we are not prepared to seize it.

John Wooden has probably put this in the most appropriate manner when he says, “When an opportunity comes, it is too late to prepare”. You are going to miss the bus. You got to be readily prepared for the opportunity when God blesses you with one. God helps them who help themselves.

Outliers, one of the most acclaimed books, also talks on similar lines. Author, Malcolm Gladwell is famous for his statistics of 10,000 hours. He says, 10,000 hours is the magic number of greatness. More than talent or any other assumed factors it is this tremendous amount of practice that an individual puts in his art, which makes him/her successful.

Now your art may not be typically an art like dancing, singing, painting or
something similar – it could be sports, tennis or soccer or swimming. It can be your work as well, whether you are in a job or you are in business. Whatever you want to master, you want to be successful; you have to give 10,000 hours. A huge amount of practice is what 10,000 hours mean. If you wish to grow, have better business opportunities, better growth, better salaries, better positions you need to practice, prepare for it.

Take the experience and in that process, you will make mistakes. Lear and grow from those mistakes instead of shying away from them. However big or small your dream is, preparation will lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

John Maxwell, a famous speaker was once asked a question by a young chap. He was curious to know the secret of Maxwell’s success as a speaker. Now we all know public speaking is a phobia. People are less scared of death and more scared of public speaking. But there are some powerful speakers who are just so comfortable speaking to a crowd of fifty thousand – seventy thousand and so on. They just pull a chair, grab a water bottle and speak as if they are talking to friends over a cup of coffee in the comfort of their living room.

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So this young fellow asked Maxwell, what was the secret of his success? How is it that he is comfortable on stage facing a huge crowd? Maxwell replied it is the magic of preparation. After having done enough practice and enough preparation for the event there was no way he can feel nervous or scared or insecure standing in front of thousands.

Start small but dream big. Be ready to give your blood, sweat everything and anything that the dream required for fulfilment. Law of nature also teaches us the same, sow before you reap.

How many of us have dreams to start our YouTube channel, start a podcast, go live on Facebook, set exercise routines, set up a business and so on? We don’t start just because we are scared of the phase where we will make mistakes during the preparation and practice phase. But we forget that we are chosen only when we have practised enough. This gives the giver enough confidence in us about our performance.

Let me share a brilliant quote I happened to bump in: unless you practice in
private you will not be praised in public.

Do share your views and ideas on this.

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