Mid-Year Challenges

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JUNE ENDS and JULY STARTS…. Halfway through the year, the last leg of summer and onset of the monsoon – This is the time for some change. A few changes would be obvious and a few changes will have to be incorporated – consciously. For me, the second half of June has often times been as good (or bad) as the first half of January.

The goals set at the onset of Jan are somewhere hazy now. Few of them have exited the goal list before hitting the mid-year. Others are quite on oxygen – about to wither. This is the time to take charge and bounce back. It has not been easy. And, when things are not easy; most of us, we tend to figure out an easier way. I too have done that quite often. I still do it – the only difference now is – I definitely look for an easy way but I make sure I have not compromised with the final goal.

June comes shouting that the iceberg is melting. Time to pull up the socks. This is the time to bounce back. Somewhere it is ok if we lose the track or things are not up to the mark till June, however, this is the time to rework, to realign what started back in January. We all get distracted; the question is would we bounce back or bounce backward.

Thinking precedes action – John Maxwell. Success is never an accident.
Here is where I have picked up my first clue – THINKING – and thinking deep. It is ok for me now if I have to change a part of the goals set or maybe just change them. A few pointers that help me bounce back:

  1. Think of a past failure
    I try and recall any of the past failures that I have overcome. It can be anything; personal or professional, small or big it just has to give me that confidence: I can and I will. And, this helps a lot
  2. Write about it
    I try to write it down on a piece of paper. And I write it in as much detail as I can. I have always loved to scribble on a piece of paper and hence this helps me a lot to purge. Once I write it down I feel light and I also have a clear picture in front of me. My thoughts and emotions are better defined and clear now.
    Why do I do this and how does this help me? Well, it helps me get back in the groove and somewhere though it looks like it will be hurtful the positive aspects of the failure are a great booster.
  3. Focus on the plus side of failure
    I am definitely not talking about positive thinking stuff. Of course, that is helpful but this one is about being specific. Time to grab the pen and paper, again.
     I honestly list down the work upon areas out of the experience
     Next, I list down what can I do differently when I face such a situation again
    It’s a simple process but has the power to shift your perspective and help you see that every setback can give you an opportunity for growth.

After all, storms don’t last forever!!

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