Dress the way you want to be Addressed!

Your clothes are your second skin and it talks about your values, your personality. Dress respectfully and people will respect you. Dress shabby and people will ignore you. One may not like the idea of being judged, but the fact remains that these snap judgments happen in a matter of seconds. They happen, nobody consciously does that, and hence it becomes imperative to take care of how you present yourself to the world.
Wear a suit or wear ripped jeans; you will see the difference in the way you will think, feel, and behave and eventually how people will react to you and your actions. Clothing influences the wearer and viewer; both at the psychological levels. The colour, the cut, the fit, the styling, the accessories, the detailing each aspect influences the way you are perceived by the viewer. It makes sense to understand that the perception is the only reality for the viewer, the perception that you create with your image.
Hence let us all take the pledge to “Dress the way you want to be Addressed