Lockdown to Unlock

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We all have been learning through webinars, online programs every single day since the lockdown was bestowed upon us. This learning is what has made our lockdown much of a cocooning time. The million-dollar question is; what post the lockdown time? Will it be really possible for all of us to implement all that we have learned during these days? Information download has been huge. However, the implementation is where the juice is. And there is where it takes some time, some effort and some opportunities that one can show the change that has come from the learning.

One change that can be comparatively easy, fast and also interesting is the change in our image. Change in the way we present ourselves. The number one benefit of this will be, when you meet people after a break with a new look, with some new air of freshness, it would be instantly visible. This will help you not only to gain attention but also to perform better, be more confident. The simple logic is; Dress Good – Groom Good – Feel Good

Let us see some quick changes in your looks that can help you present yourselves as a new and enhanced person.

  1. Change the colours you wear
    Try new colours. Have you avoided some colours and exploited the rest? Wear some colours you have not worn. Try some bright colours, of course in the appropriate amount. Try some new colour combinations. Colour is an instantaneous element that will just change your look. It brings the much-needed vibrancy. Get this element working for you. Some beautiful fashion colours that would be good on Indian skin which is comparatively deeper and darker are Royal Blue, Tangerine, Emerald Green, Red, Amethyst, Coral, Red Violet, Teal and Raspberry; just to name a few.
  2. Change your hair: Subtle or Strong
    Suit your comfort level to either go strong or be subtle. But bring about a change with your crowning glory and you just cannot go unnoticed. There are two ways you can do this; either a haircut or a hair colour. Maybe both, why not?? You can go for some subtle highlights or the bright red highlights. Maybe a purple or blue, if that is your personality. You may want to consider colouring your hair and change your entire look. It is a bold step but that is what helps you make a mark as well. You definitely want to take a proper guideline on what hair colour would best suit you. Also, make sure to be in safe hands since it is your hair. Idea is not to ruin it, but to make it more interesting.
  3. Add Accessories
    These are the game-changers. You can add a lot to your look by adding accessories. It talks about your personal style. Either go subtle if that is your style; or add just one statement piece if that is what you love to do. Be consistent with the messages that your attire send out and the mood and message of accessories you choose to wear. Rule to follow is: Less is more. Too much of accessories can surely clutter the look.
  4. Revamp Make-Up Routine
    Change something about your make up. In the first place if you don’t use any makeup, start the routine. Maybe you can change the lip colours you have using. If you never used blush, start with that little colour on cheeks and it will revamp your look. Use some mascara to open up your eyes. Indian eyes lighten up with kajal. Use kajal and eyeliner. You may choose a
    sharp liner or a smudged look. That depends on what is your personality and what is your mood or the occasion. Try coloured eyeliners if you have not yet. Deep blue, Olive, Purple, Brown, Dark grey are some good options for Indian skin and eyes.
  5. Change Footwear
    The point here is not to fix your feet in sky-touching stilettoes. We have endless options in footwear. If heels are not your love, you may choose from flats. Experts do say that wearing an absolute flat is not a healthy option. Instead, look for half-inch or an inch of heel. That adds to the comfort and grace while you walk. Nothing can beat the power of high heels, but if you are not comfortable, you may just skip that. If you wish to wear high heels, it will be a good idea to practice a bit in heels. After all, you don’t want your walk to resemble the walk of a newborn calf 🙂 . A closed shoe will indeed add to your authority.

Try any or all of these five fantastic ways and see how you will be looked upon in terms of your personality, post the lockdown. In case you feel, you need some assistance, we would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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