Is your Image important?

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NO. No – because it is crucial; not just important.

What is your image? Simply put, it is just the perception people carry about you. It is how and what people think about you. Your image is the perception of you, a picture of you in mind of people. People which includes – friends, colleagues, partners, potential partners, clients, potential clients, competitors, your team, seniors, peers, subordinates, social circle and all of them. Maybe the reality is different from the perception in people’s mind – but – who cares!! Perception is the only reality. You are not what you are but you are what people think you are. 

And, this image of yours is working round the clock. There is no way you and I can stop this. However, one powerful thing which you and I can do is; take the charge and ensure that this image works for you and not against you. Take a deep breath and see if it is working for you. Are you managing your image effectively? Your image – the way you look, groom, care for yourself, carry yourself, your poise and presence – are all an integral part of your image.

We like it or not, we accept it or not, people do make judgements on important aspects as values, status, and professional proficiency by the image that we project. The packaging sends out huge messages of stuff inside. And, this to a huge extent plays a role in helping people to decide whether or not they become your friends, clients, employers, employee, colleagues or connections. 

The way you dress, your grooming, your body language and etiquette are all elements of your image.  When each of these elements is in sync, giving out the same and consistent message, they serve to support you in the achievement of your goals.

In the business arena, managing your image leads to productivity and profitability. It helps you big time in reaching your professional goals and career goals. The differentiator in this world of endless sameness is the image that you project. Your image is the validation of your label, what you influence is influenced by the image you project. 

When it comes to business decisions, business management, business plans – we take care of: time, money, family, relations, networking, global markets and economy, current trends and whatnot. What is equally important and highly overlooked is the image. Your image is a resource – a resource at your disposal that is unfortunately underutilized. It is not a superficial thing, it dwells deeper. It is about your respect – your respect for self, for the occasion, for the people you meet. 

High time we consider image management as a skill needed for business, for leadership. Your image has a direct implication on the way you would think – feel – look – act – behave. Don’t you think that is important for business, for leadership? This puts a person in a more responsible state of mind. This helps an individual be more conscious and focused. 

It is simply being in charge, more aware and positive about who you really are. Image management is more and much deeper than a makeover. It looks good – feel good – be a good thing.

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