What comes to your mind when you hear this word, Investment? Real estate or fixed deposit, gold or share market? These are obvious investment options however what we overlook is the investment we do in our clothing. Here the investment is comparatively less and guess what, the returns are a) high and b) instant.
Let us decode this investment in this blog. Like any other investment here too, one needs to make wise decisions. There are some clothing pieces that one can easily splurge on, whereas some clothing pieces where you need not spend, you can rather save.

Before we get into the specifications, let us understand the basic rule of investment for clothing and that is the cost per wear. Look at any piece and figure out approximately how many times you are going to wear it. If you find this calculation daunting, let’s break it in simpler tasks. Think if you are going to wear it every week? If yes, how many times? If you are going to wear it every month, think how many times? This way you will get the approximate number of wear for that garment. Now divide that number of wear by the cost of the garment, which will give you the cost per wearing. Suppose I have a denim that I will wear twice a week, so it comes to eight times a month, which means 8 x 12 = 96 times in a year If it will stay with me for let’s say 2 years(since it is a denim) the total wear will be 96 x 2 = 192 times @200 times. Now if my denim was for 2000, it means that 2000/200 which is Rs.10, turns out to be the cost per wearing.

Another fundamental to understand is if the garment is a basic garment or not. Simply put, anything that has no or minimal design details is a basic garment. Invest in them since they never go out of fashion, you can easily dress up and dress down using them.
Like any other investment, we are looking at a better return on investment. Let’s identify where do we invest and where do we save. As a thumb rule, your formal attire will always be costlier and also needs to be the best that you can afford. Keep this in mind when you plan your budget.

Let’s dwell deeper in the topic and see category wise.

  1. Formal trousers: SPLURGE
    This is no brainer! Formal trousers need to be good quality and good fit. Invest in them. Choose wisely in neutral colours and you can wear them more often. They will instantly give you a polished look. Black, Navy, Charcoal, Gray, Beige, Brown, Olive is some good options to look at.
  2. Denim/Chino: SPEND not SPLURGE
    Any bottom garment needs a good fit that makes it easy for you to move around and sit during the day. So do spend in good quality for your denim and chino, however, you may not choose to splurge.
  3. Printed and/or coloured bottoms: SAVE
    Save, save and save here. You are going to wear them for fun occasions. You are not going to wear them too often either. Save here. Of course, you don’t want to compromise on the fit, but no need to spend
  4. Formal Skirts: SPLURGE
    Buy the best you can afford. Look for a refined fabric, excellent fit and the way it sits on your body. This will give you the much-needed confidence for your work time.
  5. Fun/Casual skirts: SAVE
    No need to spend much here. You are going to want them to change as per the trend. Today’s fun will not necessarily be fun for tomorrow. So, save here.
  6. Bra: SPEND if not SPLURGE
    There is a reason it is called foundation wear. You got to get it right. Spend well on the right fit and the right type for your attire. It will add not just to the look of your attire, it will add to your confidence as well.
  7. Panty: SAVE maybe SPEND
    Wear out is faster and hence you are going to replace them quickly. You may choose to save or spend, the way it suits your budget. The comfort of cotton is what you don’t want to compromise. Also, if you are into wearing bodycon dresses, fitted bottoms or any outfit that demands a specific style of panty, do not compromise. Do take care of the type that you choose.
  8. Tee: SAVE
    Unless you are out and out a Tee person, no need to spend on this item. However, since it is a pliable fabric avoid going cheap on this. Buy reasonable priced Tee.
  9. Shirts: SPEND
    Formal shirts need some good investment. Look for a good fit, particularly the neck and the armpits. In case you have a paunch, think of getting a custom made shirt for yourself.
  10. Blazers/Jackets: SPLURGE
    Undoubtedly get the best you can, unless it is one of the denim jackets you are thinking to buy. The third layer garment is most of the times a piece for a lifetime. You may save when you look for the coloured or patterned pieces here, but for the classic ones, it’s ok to stretch your budget and fit the best that you can.
  11. Tunics: SAVE
    The trends keep changing and you are not going to wear outdated styles, hence you can save here. However, if this is your daily wear and you wear this to your work as well, you may consider spending.
  12. Silk Sarees: SPLURGE
    They are timeless and we love them with all our heart. Splurge and enjoy yourself and gift it to generations to come. Better quality ensures a long life and polished look.

Hope this helps you when you are on a shopping spree.

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