Fun with Formals

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Seems quite a contradiction: Fun with Formals. Let’s explore how we can manage to achieve this.

Formals are normally used for the more serious and organized event where there isn’t much space for fun. Lots of occasions and events in our life demand for formal dressing.  Our workplace would be one the most prominent out of all. We see the newer trend getting in with the millennials entering the workplace. However, the importance of formal clothing is still intact. What we can still do is add a bit of fun to formals. The idea here is to make it livelier, more engaging, more expressive, more interesting and not just getting into the boxed idea of so-called “formals”.

The trend till now said black, white, blue, brown is formal. One needs conservative cuts and patterns in order to dress formal. That might just be boring and/or suffocating to many. The boredom and monotony in dressing might even hamper the creativity of an individual. Having interacted with a younger lot, right from young corporate to start-ups, they all look for some freshness and fun addition to the standard formals

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Let’s explore a few ways, where you bend the standards of formal dressing but not break them. Where creativity peeps in but it’s not chaos, it’s interesting but not intolerable; it’s lively but not livid.

  • The first interest element can be adding a pop of color. Why stick to the traditional black-blue-brown trio. Use some more colors to bring life to your attire. Experiment with colors in accessories; makeup, scarves, and ties, whatever works for you. Be careful of not going overboard.  Some safe colors would be maroon, jade, burgundy, tan, mint, lilac, and coral. Mix colors in a bit unusual way. Refer our blog to get some more insights.
  • Choose from some modern and trendy cuts. Watch out what are the newer things in trend at the moment. Keep in mind: Not all trends are for you. Look at your personality, your work segment, your age, and position and then look for something that can be a subset of all above-mentioned parameters. Take care of choosing the right silhouettes so that you do not shrink or expand yourself at wrong places. Instead of a typical straight fit trouser, one may want to go for the tapered. Chuck the traditional full sleeves and go for half sleeves. Try the Mandarin (Chinese) collar instead of the regular collars. Try a short shirt and go untucked instead of a tucked look all the time.
  • You can also try using patterns as against the traditional solids or the typical formal stripes. Women may look for some interesting polka dots, some smart paisley prints, and some interesting floral patterns which look fresh and informal but definitely not casual. These are some fabulous options that can be incorporated by men in the tie and/or pocket square as well. Make sure you are going easy on colors when playing with patterns.  Choose smaller patterns if you are new to the world of patterns.
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  • Up your game by using some accessories. The small change goes a long way. Add a statement neck-piece or maybe a lapel pin for men. Add a couple of inches to your footwear. Don a watch that adds to the overall look (blog). Instead of a standard rimless frame for your glasses try some tortoiseshell. It adds a lot of character to your look and looks “cool” as well. Chuck your regular pens and grab a nicer one.
  • Use some makeup ladies. A basic makeup that lends a neat look is enough to level up your look. Kajal is probably made for Indian eyes!! Use a good base, some nice kajal and/or liner, lip color/lip gloss and a bit of blush to add color and dimension to the face. In no time can you add a lot of interest to otherwise a typical look. For a gentleman, a trimmed beard might help against a typical clean shaved formal look.

Do try and let us know if any of the tips were useful for you.

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