A constant struggle for a working woman is; How do I dress up for my work in order to look apt for workplace yet stylish? This is a dilemma for a lot of women around. A dress is a second skin and exhibits your personality. Hence it is not a nice idea to compromise with it. At the same time, workplace also demands some kind of dress etiquette(if I may say so) How can we attain a fine balance between the two, how do we look stylish yet not totally unacceptable for a workplace.

Few pointers for the working women to enjoy the workwear

  • Neckline: People look at the face and the first thing they notice after the face is the neckline. Take care with this. Experiment with different collars designs, however, take care the details do not travel any deeper than 4 inches below the collarbone. That looks respectable and feminine as well.
  • Sleeves: Next obviously is the sleeves. It would not be a bad idea if you can avoid sleeveless. Nevertheless, you want to wear it, take care they extend up to the edge of shoulders. Spaghetti, halter would definitely not be a good idea, unless you belong to the glamour idea.
  • Neatness: Whatever you wear has to be neat and pressed. Opting for wrinkle-free fabrics would be a smart choice.
  • Sheer: Hot and humid climate makes us love lighter fabrics. Lightweight fabrics are a great choice to keep you relaxed all day long, however; sheer fabric comes with a word of caution. Great choice to look graceful, only if wear correctly. A right choice of a colour-coordinated camisole or a blazer to cover up should be considered.
  • Hemline: Deeper neckline and shorter hemline are always a point of controversy. Check if you can afford that at the workplace. The safest hemline is at the knee or a couple of inches above the knee. And, surprisingly it is interesting as well.
  • Footwear: Last thing you wear and the first thing people notice. You gotta be careful with that. A closed footwear with an inch or two in heels would be an ideal footwear for office wear. When in doubt wear pumps. It is also important to coordinate the footwear with your outfit. Reckon, that calls for a separate blog:).
  • Denim: We can indulge in an endless debate if one can wear denim in
    the workplace or not. Let’s not do that. Rules say denim is casual; we can, however, tweak that and make it look informal, at least. Wear smart

Blazer, nice oxford shoes or heels with a crisp button-down shirt preferably tucked with a belt and you are good to go. Do I even mention that the torn jeans and ones with embellishment and other details are a complete NO-NO.

There is no golden rule but there are rules πŸ™‚ keep them in mind.

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