Engineering Buildings to Engineering Personalities

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Yes, that’s my life story – from engineering buildings to engineering personalities. A roller coaster ride it has been. Of course, a lot of fun with a little amount of fear – the way a roller coaster ride is.

My professional journey started as a civil engineer – rawest of all engineers. I was somebody who needed the help of an Image Consultant – forget about being one. This takes me back to my classroom days when I was being educated and groomed to become an Image Consultant from an engineer. I definitely had a tough time. It was a struggle all the way. Struggle in understanding, struggle in implementing, struggle in accepting the change and keeping it consistent. However, I reckon I was destined to become one and I did become one.

My wardrobe was all black white and brown earlier, slowly colours started creeping in. I was always always always dressed in jeans and Tees, slowly variety of clothing garments started getting added to my wardrobe. I went out and bought myself make up products. The first lipstick of my life was bought only because it was an integral part of the learning process. Over some time I started to see a change in my body language. Old friends started complaining that I was changing – and for a change I liked it 🙂

The Image Consultant eventually took over the engineer, thankfully. Getting in the groove, I started working as an Image Consultant. Since I had experienced and seen the change in myself, I had an unshakable faith in the concept. My brand promise was and is simple; yet it talks about the crux of my journey: “Change your Image, Change your Life”. Period. There wasn’t an iota of doubt, however, there was anxiety. There was performance anxiety. Gradually, faith helped take over and the journey took off. It wasn’t yet the jet speed but was definitely on the runway. I started with smaller groups, known people where it wasn’t a crime to commit any mistake.

I started getting confident and eventually ended up being an educator with my Alma matter. That was the milestone in my journey. The sense of responsibility got me on my toes. I started reading more. The more I educated myself, the better educator I became. In class discussions and debates opened new horizons and possibilities. Image Consulting was now
on the tangent of being an art, not just the science. The journey was slowly getting intoxicating. It took me to some of the best corporates in the country. On the other hand, I was also associated with NCC, which was a different exposure and experience. Life was getting enriched. Each day was a new day – and continues to be so. Ever so grateful for that. Meeting new people, listening to the life stories and challenges people face – I slowly started losing the audacity to complain about those little bumpy rides of my life. This journey made me a person with little more gratitude.

From being a shy quiet girl to walking away with awards – there is so much in life I would have missed on if I had not been an Image Consultant. So much of love, affection, respect that would have never come my way.

Beyond anything and everything, the feeling that I can be a part of someone’s success story is the brightest star of my journey from engineering buildings to engineering personalities.

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