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Who doesn’t desire to look in shape, in proportion? We all do, don’t we? One major issue that holds back a lot of people from dressing well is being overweight. However, I also see these days thankfully we are not as obsessed with the size zero as we use to be in some olden times. We have models and supermodels, film stars and activist coming ahead and sharing their comfort with being thick. Body shaming is not as severe as it was. All shapes and sizes are better accepted now. But still the idea of looking slimmer than what we are; is equally prevalent. I would definitely vote for health against slimming, I find it absolutely adorable to use clothing as a resource and look slimmer than what we are. How to let’s figure that out. It’s a good idea to start with the most basic tips.

  1. Wear Black
    Wear black and it will create a blackout for the extra weight. It is said that black colour will just take some kilos off the body (the weigh scale will measure the same though) Darker colours tend to absorb more light and that is how it makes you look slimmer, black being the best. You can play with different textures, some smart cuts and lighter fabrics to add some interest. A shiny black may not be a very good choice when you want to visually shrink yourself.
  2. Vertical Stripes
    No brainer, right? Yes, to an extent. The logic behind this is when you wear vertical stripes, the viewer’s eye will move up to down and down to up. This eye movement of up-down is what creates the illusion of slimmer and taller body. The mistake we make here is using thick stripes or wide stripes. The eye movement is now from the stripe to stripe in a horizontal manner. This lateral movement creates an illusion of width. Make a note that wearing vertical stripes is not enough, wearing thin vertical lines is what makes you look slimmer.
  3. Horizontal Stripes
    Yes, you read it right. Horizontal lines can make you look slimmer. It is all about the width and spacing between those stripes. If you can use, horizontal stripes which are thin and are placed closely, you will notice that the eye movement is up to down and that creates the illusion of slimmer and taller look. If your stripes are thick, there is
    no slimming effect.
  4. Heels
    You maybe like me and do not find wearing skyrocketing heels comfortable. It is not needed to wear high heels all the time and for all the occasions. Of course, heels will add those extra inches but only if you are careful to get the right kind of heels. The ones that are bulky or chunky will add to the visual weight and weigh you down, hence making you look shorter and heavier. Look for proportion in the heels. They should be slender and gradual in the shape, whether it is two inches or six inches. To this add pointy toe instead of a rounded toe, you have suddenly added height and cut the width of your body. Try this next time you buy shoes.
  5. Open collars
    Now this one is not so common a tip. But it works wonderfully. When you wear open collars they form a V and this helps to elongate the neck and narrows the frame, of course visually. The V neck that starts at the shoulders as a broad base and narrows down creates a beautiful illusion of slimmer look. And as a word of caution, the deep V neck is not talking about the cleavage show here. This works equally well for men and women, for formal and social occasions. Give it a try.
  6. High Waist
    Be it denim, a skirt or formal trouser, the high waist will make you look slimmer. The high waist makes you look taller and taller is interpreted as slimmer. When we have a high waist garment, it somewhere helps you to accommodate and conceal that little extra flab.
  7. Dusky skin
    Surprise Surprise!! Yes, just like the dark colours make you look skinny, dusky skin also makes you look slimmer. Did you ever wonder why the whites are so fond of tanning, I always did 🙂 this is not about being racist or being critical about something as natural as skin colour but an idea that might just help

Hope this helps and in case of query or suggestion, [email protected] is where you can reach out to us. Happy times ahead!!

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