Crisis: Change trying to happen

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Either you call it a crisis or you say it is change trying to happen. This a beautiful definition of crisis is given by world taekwondo champion, Mac Negi. It is not the end of the world, it’s just a change. It is never easy to accept change. For all of us, the acceptance of change is one major issue that we deal with many times in our life. Changes in personal life, changes in professional life, changes in relationship status, changes in our surroundings and so on.

To cite an example, if you are not a runner, go and attempt to run for 5 kms (most of you would not be able to finish 5kms) your breath is heavy, legs are numb, back is hurting, no stamina to stand tall. Now when you go to see your doctor what’s wrong with you, he is just going to say that one word, CHANGE. Change your lifestyle, your daily routine, your diet, your eating patterns, your focus needs to shift. How many of you will be able to do that, a million-dollar question?? Most of the people will give up the idea of running as against the idea of adapting change and be able to run

How is this relevant to our lives? The way you give up on running is the way you give up on any change in life. This is not about you but it is about what is inside of you. The resilience you have, the determination you have, the bounce-back ability and agility you have. Problem is never a problem, but the way you and I look at the problem and deal with it is certainly a problem if not done correctly.

Content and Context

We are so very focused on the content, what is it, the information, the data that we somewhere lose the focus on the context which is the environment, who you are, your values, who do you listen and read and speak to, what intentions you have, what mission are you heading to. And there is where according to me the problem starts.

We are all so lost and engrossed with our lives revolving around the content and one fine day when we are forced to acknowledge these sad incidents of suicide, people getting into drinking and smoking, wrong company and wrong deeds, suddenly we are taken aback. We are out there as a society to extend help to the so-called depressed and disturbed people that we forget the basic rule of the aeroplane; “wear your mask first”. How many of us have taken care of ourselves? What are we doing for ourselves? I resonate more with this since I am a professional, working all by myself. There are moments when I am down, things are not going as per plan, work is not enough, bills are higher and payments are delayed to name a few which a lot of employees to experience.

Core problems with Solopreneurs & Professionals

However the core problem with me and people like me who are solopreneurs or professionals actually is different. We are solo, alone, not having a team (at least not all of us have), not all of us are lucky to have families with us, those who have families they do not necessarily understand our work, if they understand they do not necessarily validate or can support. Complains and cribbing can go on and on, but I have one strong observation amongst my tribe.

The ones, who did not give up, took baby steps with that immense faith (and pain) are the ones who have survived. They arrived. They survived and are blooming now. They may have been neglected but now they are noticed. Challenges are different for them, and now in this difficult time, all the more. But there is the clan that has a clear context, they know what they are doing. They are tied to the values, having clear intentions and they know where are they heading. There are hazy moments, but they are short-lived. Just stay in the game. You will be fine.

Success is not by chance, it cannot be accidental

It has to be well thought, well planned, and well-executed. One needs to be in the game, however painful, lonely it looks. It is difficult, but it is the only way out. I am not a psychologist to be perfect but this is what my random feelings and thoughts are on the current boiling topics of giving up, nepotism (every industry has it, by the way) being mindful, being strong, being positive and so on. I have written this but not edited it (except for the grammar)

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