Consistency is the key!

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Bringing about any change is not an easy task. Especially the one related to our routine. When we discuss the changes that one should bring in the way that they project themselves, this change becomes a challenge. Often times we do adapt the change, but it doesn’t stick. And, without consistency, it makes no impact. We all understand how important it is yet we like to violate it frequently. 

The previous blog had some inputs on how to stand out. However, if you stand out once in a month and are just blending in the rest 29 days, it doesn’t help. Consistency is the key. Do less but do regularly.  

Here are 5 ways that will help you to be consistent and bring about that change in image. 

  • 1. Eye on Why

First thing first. Get immense clarity on why are you doing what you are doing. What is the final goal that you want to achieve with this change? Doing things for a reason is an anchor for the change to be consistent as compared to random changes. If you decide to wear formal trouser to the workplace instead of denim, have the reason in front of you and you will see the acceptance will be easier. Also faster.

  • 2. Pick your battle.

Pick a battle and not battles. We are humans and our will power is limited to adapt changes. Avoid the temptation of changing it all at once. If you trying to introduce new colours in the wardrobe, resist the urge to change the styles that you are comfortable. Take change slowly and in baby steps. If you are trying your hand on accessories go easy with the make-up. Pick one at a time. One can’t quit smoking and sugar at the same time, as simple as that. 

  • 3. Schedule it.

Who knows this better than Stephen Covey? He left us with an enormous thought; “Schedule your Priorities” make one simple change in your priority and make it non-negotiable. Your priority can be something as simple as polished shoe only, pressed attire only. The game-changer is making it non-negotiable. Once that small change is scheduled and made non-negotiable it gets done. And, small steps lead to giant changes.

  • 4. Ignore your feeling.

Yes, you read that right. Ignore your feelings. Often times we have this strong feeling of, “I don’t feel like doing it” (I have that feeling) and having this feeling does not mean you don’t love or enjoy whatever you do. You still have the same passion for the image change that you are looking forward. It’s just that the monkey mind is on duty too. The day you are able to crush this, is the day you win. 

Guess this had to the first. Anyway ☺  

  • 5. Catch that Wagon.

Falling off the wagon is completely fine. And, it will happen. The problem is when we think it is gone and we are back to square one. Surprisingly the wagon waits, but definitely not for an eternity. You miss on your schedule, you succumb to your feeling it is just human. Don’t waste time; rather get on as fast as you can and you would be good.

Easier said than done!!  Yes, I agree. However, for these 5 ideas I can vouch out of my own experience, they work. Slow and steady but the change comes in to stay permanently. Consistency is the key. 

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