40+ is the new constant for temperature these days. And if that is not enough, the last leg of summer adds humidity to kill it completely. To dress in this mixture of heat and humidity is a challenge for most of us. Summer is no season to look drab, look lethargic, even if the heat makes us feel so.

Here we have 5 easy pointers that will help you beat the heat and at the same time ensure not to lower the style quotient.

  • Natural fabric against the synthetic fabric: Now this might seem a no brainer however it is the most essential of all summer dressing. The natural fabric has the fibre that allows breathing and that makes us feel cooler and comfortable. And hasn’t cotton got a makeover?!!! Do you need an introduction to linen, I guess not. It is not a challenge anymore to look for rich quality cotton. Look for some nice pastel colours. Pastels are just right for summers; reminds you of the various ice cream flavours and coolers. You see, food and color for summers go hand in hand
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  • Covered against Bare: The temptation for sleeveless and off shoulder in summers is so obvious. Now, unless you would be always indoors, this might not be a great choice. In case you have to step out in the sun for errands or your work demands you to be in and out of the office or home, it will a million dollar idea to keep yourself covered. Look for some smart pieces in full sleeves and free-flowing cuts to keep the air circulation on but cut the connect with direct sun.
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  • Threads against Stones: Avoid heavy embellishments on the garment. The stones and or metal do trap the heat and add to the discomfort. It may look negligible but like we all know every penny makes a pound. Instead look for some thread work which adds interest but does not add to the heat. Similarly for the accessories look for something which is light and loose as against heavy, chunky and body-hugging accessories.
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  • Sling bags against backpacks: We all crave for that little extra breeze and then we wear our backpacks for comfort. The backpacks will trap all the heat and restrict the air circulation making it worse. It will be wise to carry a sling bag or a shoulder bag that does not add volume to your body directly and allows some air circulation. Also, the sweat patches on the back after you carry a backpack will not only make it a strong image breaker but will add to your own discomfort.
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  • Lined to Unlined: Wearing a blazer in summer can be more than any nightmare. But what if your work demands that and you cannot actually afford to get rid of it or maybe you just like to dress up. Well, linen blazers are definitely a go to. Moreover, you can also consider getting unlined blazers, where one less layer will reduce the heat that gets trapped.
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