Beard: Should or Should Not?

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One of my recent posts on social media again fetched me a question which triggered this little blog post. Should men have a beard or not? Does it go with the professional look or not? Well, the simplest answer is; it is purely a personal choice. If you seek a little more insight, go through the entire write up.

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Beards are getting highly popular. Not just men; even women are getting appreciative about the men having a beard. And with popularity comes confusion. Where some see a beard as a personal statement few disregard it completely. For those who love the beard, yes; there are more reasons than just the style factor.

  • Dominance

A man in beard appears more masculine. Hence more dominating. People often perceive them to be more sincere, industrious and in charge – confident kind of people. However, a group of people also read them as aggressive. Look at the growth of the beard and shape it accordingly – keeping in mind the shape of your face and your personality – so that people don’t get overwhelmed

professional beard image
  • Feel of youth

Surprisingly, the beard makes you feel young. Well, the beard saves your skin from blemishes, discolouration of skin and acne that you may have. Thus keeping your skin look and feel younger and youthful. It acts as a protective shield to your skin. Also, the lesser exposure to the sun makes you less prone to wrinkles. Now, isn’t that cool!!!

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  • Maintains the moisture in the skin

When you shave more often naturally your pores get opened up. During the summers and winters, these open pores make it easy to loose on the skin moisture. Also, the cuts you might get while shaving will also tend to dry your facial skin. Over a period of time skin might even start to flake. Against this, the beard seals the moisture of skin within.

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  • Helps you boost the confidence

Confidence is the game-changer. Beard adds to your power and confidence. Having beard is a manly thing and that adds up to your macho feel. Perception; which beard creates in the mind of others about you somewhere reflects in their behaviour and that perception in minds of people helps you to be more confident.

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  • Health Benefits

Yes, beard helps you keep yourself healthy. Some extensive research tells that a thick, well-grown beard can even spare you from the UV rays. It saves you from skin burns. Beard protects the skin from the cancerous effect due to overexposure to the sun. Also, it helps you to save yourself from day to day flu and cold by providing a strong filter. Moustache and Beard – of course, well-groomed and neatly kept – can act as a filter and block those little creatures causing the normal flu-fever-infections and so on.

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All in all, a beard is not just a statement, not just a manly accessory but it has other benefits too. Would you consider a beard or you still love your clean shave look?

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