9 Power Rules for Confident Body Language

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Being confident is one of the most crucial things in business today and we cannot definitely go out shouting, “I am Confident”. Interestingly, body language is the game-changer here. Most of the times it is your body language that would guide people to decide if you are confident or not. 

The ground rule says, if you feel confident – you look confident. However, not everybody is born confident. Also, it is not possible for all to be confident in all situations or on all occasions. We all face some situations, some people and some instances where we just wish for that extra dose of confidence. Well, you can use your own body language to boost your confidence. 

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Here is a list of simple yet powerful, easy yet effective tips on how to use your body language for feeling and looking confident.

01. Never look down

Never look down unless you want to praise the other person’s footwear. Might sound funny but it’s for a fact. Looking down slashes your confidence. When talking to people, give them due attention to maintaining appropriate eye contact. Look at them when you are talking. Have a pleasant expression on the face. 

02. Do not stand with feet too close

To stand tall and straight you need to be in charge yet comfortable. When you close your feet and stand, you are not only uncomfortable but you also look shorter and weird. Spread your legs enough to sound in charge but not offensive so that you can stand comfortably. If you can, point your toes out and that adds to your visual authority making you look more confident 

03. Hunched Shoulders

Hunch is good for camel not for us. Hunched shoulders will obviously kill your height. Also, somehow hunched shoulders signify that you are not very sure of what you speak. The things you state may be taken as-fabricated against being taken as facts. People find it difficult to trust hunched shoulders. Avoid it. 

04. Move shoulders back – don’t sway

Now that hunched shoulders lead to lesser confidence, moving shoulders back will make you feel and look confident. In times of low confidence, a simple shoulder shrug is a great help. Word of caution here is – do not sway. That just gives in your power. Swaying has no power, no authority.

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05. Don’t hide hands in pocket

How many times have we seen people do that? Ok, let’s be honest: how many times have we done that. Do I hear silence here? Well, yes – we all do it – knowingly or unknowingly. Hiding hands in the pocket make you hunch as well. This shrinks your body and the famous Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy has at least taught us a concept of not shrinking our bodies. This slowly saps your confidence.

06. Walking too slow

Walking too slow shouts you are lazy, you lack enthusiasm. Walking too fast will kill your impression as someone always running late, not in charge. Like most of the things in life, your pace of walking also has a happy medium – neither too slow nor too fast. Maintain your stride with a grace and walk with head held high. 

07. Do not walk behind someone

Until you have a Royal dignitary walking in front of you never ever walk behind someone. When you hide yourself, whether walking, seating, or standing – you give in your presence. To show respect you may follow your seniors or elders but you can walk behind and beside them. No need to hide yourself even behind your seniors.

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08. Don’t take small steps

They are meant for babies. When you want to establish yourself as a confident person taking small steps is not going to help. 

09. Power Pose

The masterstroke to confidence is a power pose. The theory says: when you expand yourself, you shoot your confidence.  Learn to take up more space. The best part of practising it is, you don’t need a specific time, place or equipment to do that. One of the easiest ways to see your confidence grow is power pose practice for as little as just one minute a day. You can expect some mind-blowing results in terms of increasing your confidence. 

The 9 power rules are ultra-simple to follow. However, it’s not a magic pill. Be consistent and that will become a way of life for you.

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