5 ways to look classy – ALWAYS

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Who doesn’t aspire to look classy!! We all do. Looking classy all the time is not as much effort as we think it would be. It is just some little discipline that needs to be taken care of. Let’s also understand classy is not about the appearance only. It also includes your behaviour. A classy person has high standards of behaviour – consistently.

Looking classy is not something that is boring or that cannot be experimented; as many of us misunderstand it to be. One can experiment and be stylish and yet look classy.

  1. Keep Clothes Pristine
    Classy clothes do not necessarily have to cost you a fortune. They do not have to be necessarily big brands. Just keep them pristine. They can be local store purchase that is good in quality and fit. Here, the term pristine means keep them crisp. Keep them clean and free of any stains and odour. Well pressed – well ironed. Maybe steam them before you wear them. Check for the collars, hem, and placket before you wear it. If it is needed a quick steam can be considered. It will also help you get rid of the odour, in case of repeat wear. Consider this and it will help you in looking classy
  2. Limit Skin Show
    It is not about being orthodox or traditional but about being sensible. Don’t show too much skin, everywhere. The appropriateness of the occasion and the people involved for the occasion should be well considered before the skin show is decided. Also, take into consideration what is your body shape and figure type, will the skin show be a sight to sore eyes or will it be an eye sore? It is always a good idea to play within the boundaries. Irrespective of gender, the first two buttons are good to be unbuttoned. Be careful with the further buttons. Anything above knee comes with a caution; again for both the gender.
  3. Hair and Nail
    Neatness has no substitution – whatsoever. Make sure your hair and nail are neat, clean and in place. Frizzy hair, flying hair, dirty nails, and chipped nail paint are things to be avoided at all times for that classy look. Gentlemen – watch out for the beard. Either clean shaven or nicely trimmed. Unfortunately, we have no third option. Ladies – watch out for your make up. It needs to be clean, flawless, non-cakey. Loading layers of product aren’t makeup and we know that, right!! Go for a light base, eyeliner, kajal, medium eye shadow (if you wish), lip colour and maybe blush. This should suffice your look.
  4. Wear Quality Accessories
    Have a few pieces but quality pieces. That’s the bottom line for looking classy. Make sure your bag, shoes, neckpiece, watch and whatever other things you wear should be of good quality. Avoid the temptation of having more numbers and for that compromise on the quality. Buy the best that you can afford to buy. Quality has no substitute. The finesse and the long-lasting impact of any quality piece are what add to your class.
  5. Signature Smell
    Either smell good or don’t smell – some wise words to be followed. Humid climate, soaring temperatures, spicy food – all these sums up to perspiration and a bad smell. Nothing can be more distracting than an awful smell. Take care you choose the right fabric for the hotter
    days. Take care of your daily hygiene. Adding a dash of perfume will do good not only to the people around but to you as well. A good smell can elevate your mood and that feel good can help in doing good as well. Choose your flavour wisely. Mix the flavours, if at all you do; keeping in mind the families. Not all cocktails are fun, you see. To make this a notch above, you may have your signature smell designed.

These are just a few of many ways you can look classy ALWAYS. Consistency is the key!! One can’t expect to be classy one day and not the other day. Try these simple tips and that will help you elevate your look

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