Read somewhere, “My bag is my best friend.” The only problem here is the bag cannot be forever like a best friend. It needs to change; change as per the mood, need occasion, place and what not. Your bag is not just a bag but an expression and extension of your personality.

Let us look at 5 essential bags that a woman may want to acquire:

  • 1. Structured office bag

A must-have for working women. It helps you be more organized in keeping your stuff and helps you look and feel more like a professional

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  • 2. Shoulder bag

Must have for all women in their wardrobe. One may experiment with the size, texture and detailing to suit their personality. A shoulder bag is apt for various occasions and easy to carry as it allows you free hand and better movement.

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  • 3. Tote

Must have when you want to carry the entire world in your bag. Tote is a blessing when you are shopping or just doing your errands. Functional value for tote is no question; however one can add a lot of fun with some colour, fun quote or picture on the bag.

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  • 4. Sling bag

A perfect travel companion!! Well, fashion and ease has swiftly got this into our day to day life. Coffee to concerts, sling bag will take you places. Few of the sling bags can also be used as cross body bags.

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  • 5. Clutch

Evening occasions demand elegance and that’s when you turn to a clutch. Small, handy and delicate yet the head turner.

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Whichever bag you may choose, some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Invest in good quality material. Even if it is a non-leather, it needs to be high-quality material
  • Check the material of the hardware. Sometimes the cheap hardware eventually kills the look of your bag. Match the hardware of the bag with the rest of the metal you are wearing
  • Choose a bag with pockets or carry small pouches in the bag so that your stuff is organized
  • Trying some nice colours in the bag is an easy way to elevate your look. Safe to use something like navy, olive, deep red, mustard, rose; however be a little careful with brighter colours like yellow, neon, orange, metallic etc.
  • The size of the bag you carry should also somewhere be in proportion of your body size. A huge tote on a petite girl is not a pleasant sight
  • Whichever bag you carry, ensure it looks a part of you and complements the outfit. Your bag needs to be aligned with the outfit

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