Men may not have to stock up tons of bags like women; however, they do need to take care of what are they carrying along.

Let us look at 3 essential bags that a man may want to acquire:

  • 1. Structured office bag

A structured bag preferably in leather with quality hardware and stitching is what you want to be the non-negotiable when investing in your work bag. Black is a no brainer, however tan would look fresher. A texture on the leather can also be a subtle representation of your personality. If a black/brown/tan is too formal for your work/personality, one can always look for navy, burgundy, fancy grey. Look for some classic detailing. Simple but unusual should be the mantra to help you stand out.

A shout out to all men; backpacks are for boys. Avoid them to your workplace.

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  • 2. Travel bag/Overnight bag

First thing you want to consider is dimensions of the bag. If you are a frequent flyer, you may want to make sure your travel bag fits in as a hand luggage. Next thing to take care is the quality of the material. The travel bag obviously goes through manhandling, which calls for a sturdy and strong material and strong stitching. Double check the straps for the comfort of carrying and durability as well. You may choose to add a bit color and some fun here.

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  • 3. Gym Bag

Health is wealth and that’s where the last on the list is still an important bag. Just because it has to carry your sweaty shoes and clothes, you can’t afford to ignore it. A duffle serves well as a gym wear. Here you can play with colors and prints. A pop of color will only help you to be ready to move. Ensure you keep cleaning the gym bag more frequently in order to prevent the stink.

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Whichever bag you may choose, some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Invest in good quality material. Even if it is a non-leather, it needs to be high quality material
  • Check the material of the hardware. Sometimes the cheap hardware eventually kills the look of your bag. Match the hardware of the bag with the rest of metal you are wearing
  • Make sure the bag is functional and at the same time stylish enough to make your mark
  • Pay attention to the bag and the detailing of it, it talks of you big-time

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