10 tips to be professional on a Zoom Call

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We are all suddenly in a new world. Social distancing is the way of life today. However, physical distance is increasing and social connections are getting stronger. How many of us were prepared for a zoom call/meeting a month back? Today the scenario is different. Office meetings are on zoom, family gatherings are on zoom, birthday and anniversary celebrations are on zoom, learning is happening on zoom.

Amidst all; the crucial ones are your office meets. Who isn’t aware of this? At the same time there is some confusion, where do I sit, what do I wear? How should I appear on an office zoom call, makeup or no make-up? Let’s have a quick round of 10 tips to prepare for a zoom call

  1. Great Lighting
    Yes, it’s not always about what you wear, it is also about how does it appear? This does not demand any fancy lights. The best place to grab for an office zoom call is bang opposite a window. The light would be just enough to brighten you
  2. Consider the background
    Clear the clutter. Time is no more an excuse 🙂 no more garbage, laundry, toys, distracting door or windows, flying curtains. You need a clear background, just neat that does not create any distraction.
  3. Put a DND sign
    Yes, the DND is not only for your cell phones. During the work from home, it’s essential while you are on a zoom office call. Educate your kids and family about the DND sign. Train your pet to behave while you are on a call. Your spouse might not need to be taught, but at least inform so that he/she is not caught in an embarrassing position. Who has not seen one such embarrassing moment these days, the newspaper also has a space dedicated to such goofs. Just be cautious!
  4. Be Attentive
    Because you are on a zoom call and not in person, does not mean you eat and drink and twirl around in your chair and reply to messages on phone. No, that’s not professional. Make sure you are sitting upright, taking notes. A cup of coffee or glass of water/juice is good but nothing beyond that. No chewing gums, please. Should you get up for a while, make sure the audio and the video buttons are paused. No one wants to hear to that sound of a flush 🙂
  5. Good Posture
    Sit up and tight. Zoom meetings do call for that extra bit of attention and sitting straight will help you. Keep a smiling face; you look more engaged and lively with a smile. No hunched shoulders, keep your shoulders straight. No yawns, obviously. Make sure to have a comfortable chair that allows you to sit steady.
  6. What to wear
    And here comes my niche 🙂 biggest mistake is dress half. Wear a nice crisp shirt and down below you are just in your undies. A big NO. Agreed, nobody can see down below but let’s understand, the way you dress, affects your thinking, feeling and behaviour. Wear a blazer if needed, else a nice collared shirt is good. What you want to avoid totally is a collarless tee. You are at home, but you are working from home – keep this in mind. Try some nice colour to pep your mood. Dress crisp. Dress sharp. You want to talk business after all
  7. Wear Jewellery
    Do wear some light jewellery. A neckpiece, earning, some nice ring, a wristwatch is a good idea. Wear pieces that create impact, not distractions. Noisy bangles, bracelets, chandeliers are distracting the way the amplifier is going to pick up the noise. Be careful. Try some nice lively coloured scarves. They will add interest.
  8. Hairdo
    How can one compromise with the crowning glory? The suggestion is not to get a blow-dry but to have neat, in control hairdo. No flying hair. In case you have a fan, make sure fan does not fly the hair on your face and your hands are busy to settle them. At the same time, unkempt, dirty hair, uncombed hair is equally wrong.
  9. Makeup
    The camera is going to be sharper than human eyes, I hope you know that. No way can you escape make-up while on a zoom call. Do your base good; apply BB/CC cream if not a foundation. Put on some nice lip colour may not be necessarily bright. Kajal and mascara will definitely help your eyes open up. Gentleman, watch your beard. As always, either clean shaved or well-trimmed, no third option.
  10. Technical know-have
    Being sound with the zoom features is not an option. Make yourself aware of them. Seek help if you are not tech-savvy. Middle of the meeting you would not want to be stuck. Do a demo with family if you are the first-timer with zoom.

Happy Zoom Times!!

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