When the product and the services are almost at par, your manpower becomes the differentiator. Enhance them and upscale your company.

With best of the curriculum, international accreditation and dedicated faculties, why is placement a problem? Let us make our students more employable.

One of the most underrated factors to success is self-presentation. We either hide or go overboard to impress others. Let us express our real inner selves by managing our inner and outer images.

Ms. Meghavi Vyas

Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Founder @ Mega Image Consulting

Ms Meghavi Vyas is a certified Image Consultant. She has done her international certification in same from Conselle Institute, Utah-USA. She has done her soft skill certification with an SQA accreditation, which is a Scottish vocational body. With a background as a civil engineer, she very well understands the systematic analysis of training programs to be conducted.

She has been awarded Asian Business Excellence Award by IeCM Malaysia as an enterprising entrepreneur from India. She has a series of talks on Image Management and soft skill complied and included as a part of an educational program by an MLM company. She also has written two books for the same company.

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Strongest impressions are made in the shortest span of time. Mega Image Consulting assists professionals and students in putting their best foot forward. This helps them to be noticed first and remembered for long.

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